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External Interface calls not working #14

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Hi. Im pretty new to actionscript and when I try running the swf file I keep getting the error message: "Flash movie not yet registered!". Now, I searched the web for similar issues and the main ones were not including the allowScriptAccess param, yet this has already been accounted for in previous patches. So could anyone PLEASE nudge me in the right direction?


I've had exactly this issue too. The example on the main project page works great, but when I try to recreate it either from scratch (with just a one-div page and calling $("#webcam").webcam({ normal setup parameters}); onLoad never gets called and I always get the same "not yet registered" error message.

I've tried copying the main xarg page that has the demo on it and change only the include link for the swf (because /download/ isn't going to work locally) I get the "not yet registered!" error. Is there something I'm missing?

I'd really love a minimal example case in the repository somewhere, because trying to adapt your example page is a bit of a struggle because it's part of a full website with all the includes, etc, that entails.


Okay, so the issue turns out to be that if you open a page locally (e.g. file:///) Flash will (as far as I can tell) simply decline to expose ExternalInterfaces to Javascript. I'm not really sure why this is (perhaps some sort of XSS issue? XMLHttpRequest also fails in confusing and subtle ways if you issue calls from a page loaded over file:///), but serving this simple gist ( over http works fine.

It might be worth adding a note about this in the site - I just blew like 90 minutes on trying to sort this out before realizing that was the issue. Would send a pull request, but there's nothing really in this repo that explains how to use the plugin that is easily forkable/editable.


I know that this thread is a year old, but if you REALLY need to use it locally (like i had to), you can change your Global Security Settings (of flash player) to trust files in a determined folder.

With that configured, i could use the plugin locally.

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