An easy to use color manipulation plugin for jQuery
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jQuery xcolor Plugin


The jQuery xcolor plugin is an extensive library for color manipulation.

Calculating Colors

// Calculate a grey level color value

// Calculate a gradient color between #fc0 and #f00 at position 23/100
$.xcolor.gradientlevel('#fc0', '#f00', 23, 100);

// Calculate the opacity as if lightgrey would overlay #f00 with an opacity of 69%.
$.xcolor.opacity('#f00', 'lightgrey', 0.69);

and many more! Check out the full documentation!

Colorizing Text

$(".foo").colorize("burntsienna", "blue", function() {
   // Return a value between 0 and 1, indicating a gradient level between "burntsienna" and "blue"
   return Math.random();

CSS Hook

The color parser implements a CSS hook. Using a random color is now as easy as

$('h1').css('background', 'rand');

Further examples and documentation

For further details and code examples take a look at the demonstration and documentation page on:


Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.