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Apache Ranger development image for the Rokku project:
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Build Status

Rokku Dev - Apache Ranger

Based off the following GitHub repo:

This is a project for TESTING purposes. Currently the changes made to the default images listed above are:

  • Add Ranger s3 plugin (see dependencies below)
  • Add service definition/service/policy at runtime for s3
  • Set logging of ranger service to debug (you can find the logs in the container here: /opt/ranger-1.1.0-admin/ews/logs/ranger-admin-*-.log)

Possible commands for Ranger API:

How to run

  • Optional: docker-compose build (otherwise it will use the images available on docker-hub)
  • docker-compose up



  • Create specific ResourceMatchers in ranger for buckets/pseudopaths/objects (currently we only support paths using the existing RangerPathResourceMatcher)
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