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Odoo Docker Compose and Images

Docker Images

Odoo Docker Compose

This repository contains a set of dockerfiles to build different docker images used by ADHOC. It also provides a docker-compose file to use odoo in a simple way.

The default odoo docker image (adhoc/odoo-ar) that is used on compose, includes many repositories (and it dependencies) generally used by adhoc (mainly oca and ingadhoc repositories)


To use this docker compose file need:

  • install pip "sudo apt-get install python-pip"

  • docker-compose "sudo pip install --upgrade docker-compose"

  • docker-engine "sudo curl -sSL | sh"

  • we also recommend this so you can use docker without sudo

    • sudo groupadd docker
    • sudo gpasswd -a $USER docker
    • sudo service docker restart && newgrp docker
  • clone this repository "git clone" (or "git clone")

  • If you want to have areoo docs convertion you shoud run only once "docker run --name="aeroo" --restart=always -d adhoc/aeroo-docs"

Run and usefull commands

  • Run "docker-compose up"
  • Odoo should be ready to be used on http://localhost:8069/
  • Check .env for choosing odoo version and other useful configurations
  • Remove everything (containers and data) "docker-compose down -v"


  • TODO: Using for production <docs/developers_guide.rst/>_
  • Tips and trics <docs/tips_and_trics.rst/>_
  • Developers Guide <docs/developers_guide.rst/>_
  • Images readme <dockerfiles/README.rst/>_
  • Roadmap / Known Issues <docs/TODO.rst/>_
  • Inspired by <docs/inspired_by.rst/>_