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Android SQLite Demo Project using Content Provider and Loader
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DatabaseTest - SQLite

This is my attempt to use SQLite Databases on the Android Platform.

This is what my project implements:

  • Custom ListView Adapter (Based on SimpleCursorAdapter)
  • Loaders
  • Standardized Content Provider to interact with the database
  • DbAdapter Class with Add, Delete, Update and DeleteAll methods

What is SQLite?

SQLite is an Open Source database. SQLite supports standard relational database features like SQL syntax, transactions and prepared statements. The database requires limited memory at runtime (approx. 250 KByte) which makes it a good candidate from being embedded into other runtimes.

SQLite supports the data types TEXT (similar to String in Java), INTEGER (similar > to long in Java) and REAL (similar to double in Java). All other types must be converted into one of these fields before getting saved in the database. SQLite itself does not validate if the types written to the columns are actually of the defined type, e.g. you can write an integer into a string column and vice versa.

More information about SQLite can be found on the SQLite website:



1.0 (Working)

Check out my code!

How to Import This repo in Android Studio:
  • Open Android Studio
  • Close all your projects
  • Check out from Version Control
  • Use Git
  • Type in this URL Below


DWTFYW (Explanation below)

Do What the Fuck You Want
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