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Commits on Apr 11, 2012
  1. Added a TestSuite to execute all tests.

    Use this test suite to execute all tests. Requires less interaction to
    verify all test cases.
  2. Removed @Override annotations

  3. Removed @Override annotations

Commits on Apr 10, 2012
  1. Added target to build EDN script as part of the deployment procedure.

    EDN page source can be found in deploy/edn_predicate_utils.txt. It should
    be copied to the EDN document.
  2. Added EDN page template.

    This page template is describing the content on the EDN page.
  3. Added test case to test bug #1

    These test cases are added to verify that the greater than equal works
    as it should.
  4. Changed so build script now builds against Java 5 and DFC 6.5SP3

    This change was introduced because I do not have a 6.7SP1 test environment.
    Hence the code had to be ported back to 6.5, however, there was no code
    change needed to do this.
  5. Changed content based on input from Tord.

    Removed some incorrect statements, and cleaned the documentation up a
    little bit.
  6. Added javadoc comments to test cases.

    This to remove all warnings in eclipse (could be done by setting an
    eclipse property, but it seems good to have javadoc comments)
  7. Added target for zipping sources to build script

    Now the build script also creates a zip file with all source code.
  8. Changed module name to correspond to the canonical name of the BOF in…

    This is needed since Process Builder does not recognize the BOF module
    otherwise. No methods/operators will be available if the name mismatch.
  9. BUG #1 - Greater than equal should include equal as well.

    Forgot the equal in converter. This would have caused all
    greater than equal comparisons to be incorrect.
  10. Updated documentation with links to the github project.

    * Removed direct links to EDN (since the EDN page is not yet created).
    * Changed 'Java reference Java SE 6' to 'Java SE 6 reference' to make
      text more readable.
  11. Updated header styles

    Added a more readable font to the headers, and to the page body
    as well. Also extracted the format attributes to attribute sets
    instead of hard coding it in the transformation rules. This added
    some readability to the xsl script.
  12. Reformat xCelerator stylesheet.

    It is now using tabs instead of whitespaces, to look better in eclipse.
Commits on Apr 3, 2012
  1. Added xml transform to generate pdf documentation.

    This commit adds a dependency on apache FOP to be able to build the system.
    It has to be configured in each environment the system is built with.
    The documentation is written in a simple custom made xml format which can
    express the most basic functionality that is needed to document this
Commits on Apr 1, 2012
  1. Initial xCelerator documentation.

    This version is not yet complete, but it contains a basic structure of
    what the documentation will look like. The resulting documentation will
    be a PDF created by Apache FOP. The FOP templates will be added to the
    source code later. Currently there is no PDF generated from this
  2. Cleaned source code and added javadoc comments.

    Basically turned on a lot of warnings and solved these to make the
    source code cleaner. Added javadoc comments to most of the functions,
    converters and interfaces.
Commits on Mar 30, 2012
  1. Added creation of needed folders to build composer project using ant.

    Basically, the build script now creates a bin-dar folder since
    task requires this folder to build correctly.
  2. Initial import of sources

    This includes Composer artifacts, Ant build files, source code,
    and initial test cases.
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