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Bilder Demo is a part of Bilder, a Master's Thesis project by two students at Chalmers University of Technology. See the appropriate README for Bilder for an more in-depth explanation of what that is.

This demo platform is mostly a set of quick and dirty hacks to try out the Bilder compiler from a web page, using WebGL to render the Bilder filters, so don't expect quality code.

Live demo

A live version is available at Please send us a message if something isn't working with it!


A few submodules are used, so use --recursive when cloning:

git clone --recursive

When git has finished loading all that stuff, either drop your clone where your web server can reach it, or use the provided python server script (uses port 8080 by default):


and point your browser to http://localhost:8080/`


Before you can hit compile, you need to install the compiler. You can either get the code for it and build it yourself, or get a binary already built for you (no guarantees that anything will work though!).

Which ever option you go for, drop the cgibildc binary in the cmp/ directory. (Don't forget to make it executable; chmod +x cgibildc should do the trick)

If you're using your own web server, don't forget to configure it to recognise cgicomp as a cgi executable (...or just use the python server).


The Bilder Demo platform (and the Bilder Compiler) is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, see LICENSE for more information.