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Dynamic documentation library for PHP which uses Markdown files
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WARNING: Under development!

SimpleDocs is a documentation library for PHP which uses Markdown files.


  • Dynamic routing: all docs are parsed on-the-fly and served as HTML
  • Markdown file attributes: special attributes that can be parsed from documents


  • PHP >= 7.0.0


SimpleDocs is available with Composer:

composer require simpledocs/simpledocs


You must provide a directory path for search and retrieve documents during the library initialization:


// If you aren't using any framework, make sure that the Composer autoload
// file is included in the script:
// require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use SimpleDocs\SimpledDocs;
use SimpleDocs\Exception\FileNotFound;

$docs = new SimpleDocs('path/to/your/docs');

// The query string can be any string. For example purposes we use a GET
// variable:
$path = $_GET['path'] ?? '/';

    $page = $docs->find($path);
catch(FileNotFound $e)
    // Here we handle the Not Found exception. Again, for example purposes
    // a die() function is used, but a better approach is to show a 404 page or
    // or something more informative to the user
    die('Document not found!');

// And finally, render the result:


Coming soon!

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If you love our work, consider support us on Patreon