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Indexed Search Autocomplete

Extends the TYPO3 Core Extension Indexed_Search searchform with an autocomplete feature.

Minimal Dependencies

  • TYPO3 CMS 8.7.x
  • PHP 7.x
  • Jquery 1.x

Quick Install Guide

Install the TYPO3 Core indexed_search extensions

Step 0: The extension works with the TYPO3 Core indexed_search extension. So please install and configure this one first.

Step 1: Install this plugin.

Step 2: Find the fluid file that contains the text-input for the search-word.

Step 3: Add the class '.indexed-search-autocomplete-sword' to this text-input.

Step 4: Now add the following line where you want the results to be displayed (so in most of the cases below the text-input):

<div class="search-autocomplete-results  no-results" data-mode="word" data-searchonclick="false" data-maxresults="10" data-minlength="2" data-searchurl="{f:uri.action(action: 'search', pageType: '7423794', noCache: 1, noCacheHash: 1, extensionName: 'indexedSearchAutocomplete', controller: 'Search')}"></div>

Step 5: Now you can configure the plugins options with the parameters of that

(see options)

Step 6: TYPO3 Site-Config add the new PAGE typeNum 7423794:

   type: PageType
   default: /
   index: ''
     /: 0
     sitemap.xml: 500001
     autocomplete: 7423794

Additional: Make sure to disable Indexed-Search option "Use MySQL specific fulltext search", otherwise the word-suggestion won't work.


  • Enable or Disable the JQuery-Source in the Extension Settings. (Backend -> Extension-Settings) page.includeJSFooterlibs.JquerySource =
  • data-mode="word" => the following values are possible: word or link. Depending on which option the plugin suggests either words or links while typing. You can edit both template files unter indexed_search_autocomplete/Resources/Private/Partials/ (Fluid)
  • data-maxresults="10" => The amount of entrys a suggetion can have max. (Fluid)
  • data-minlength="2" => how many characters have to be in the input-box for the plugin to make it's first suggestion. (Fluid)
  • data-searchonclick="false" => If one selects a suggestion, may this submit the form (so basically the search starts after one has selected a word). Possible values are "false" or "true".

Contact & Communication


We are on github:


TYPO3 - Internetagentur
In der Eisenbach 22
65510 Idstein



Used by

We are searching for LIVE-References or Live-Examples for the TYPO3 indexed_search Autocomplete Extension.
Please be so kind to send us an E-Mail if you're using it. Thanks!

Links/References: - by INGENIUMDESIGN - by INGENIUMDESIGN - by wilhelm innovative medien GmbH - by wilhelm innovative medien GmbH