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a kinder, gentler machine vision python library

SimpleCV is an interface for Open Source machine vision libraries in Python.
It provides a consise, readable interface for cameras, image manipulation, feature extraction, and format conversion. Our mission is to give casual users a comprehensive interface for basic machine vision functions and an elegant programming interface for advanced users.

We like SimpleCV because:

  • Even beginning programmers can write simple machine vision tests
  • Cameras, video files, images, and video streams are all interoperable
  • Information on image features can be extracted, sorted and filtered easily
  • Manipulations are fast, with easy to remember names
  • Linear algebra is strictly optional

Here is the simplecv "hello world":

import SimpleCV

c = SimpleCV.Camera()

For more code snippets, we recommend the cookbook or looking at our example scripts


You will absolutely need:

Once you have all the required libraries installed::

easy_install simplecv

If you need more help, look at the installation docs

Optional Libraries

Blob detection:

Barcode reading:


If you have all the required libraries installed::

sudo python install

If you need more help, look at docs/installation.rst


Examples are in the SimpleCV/examples directory, you can also look at docs/cookbook.rst for reusable code snippets.

Running SimpleCV

To run SimpleCV, from the installation directory type: python -m SimpleCV.init

This should launch the SimpleCV shell, if you are having problems see for more help.

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