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Changes in 1.2
scale - updated so it can be a value (eg Image.scale(0.5))
binarize - now defaults to Otsu's method rather than binarize 127
blit - overlay images on top of other images with the blit function
start/stop camera - You now have the ability to start and stop a camera object without restarting simplecv
randomized color - set each feature to support auto coloring
stretch filter fixed
foreground/background (codebook) segmentation - Easily compute the difference between foreground and background
use web based flash to acquire images in webpage
bag of features - This is used to detect features and use those features in image classification
shape detectors - Added functions like isCircle(), isSquare(), etc.
better camera support - Now supports HD and fallbacks so if openCV isn't working it tries other methods to work with camera
python imaging library is now required
hue distance - get the distance in hue from current image to another
template matching - This is basic pattern matching
convolution added
integral image - take the derivative of an image
haar wavelet calculations
SVM (binary/multiclass) support added using OrangeSVM
naive bayes (binary/multiclass) support added
decision learning tree (binary/multiclass) support added
random forrest machine learning added
optical character recognition (OCR) support added via Tesseract
ability to load images from URL. i.e. img = Image("")
pass a feature to crop function
KNN classifier
image segmentation
Changes in 1.1
All drawing has been moved to pygame-based surfaces in DrawingLayers
text, and more advanced polygon drawing functions
SDL-based display provided by Pygame
python-cvblob has been removed and replaced by BlobMaker
colorspace support for HSV
videostream out for writing AVI files
rotation operations
feature-crop functions
ColorMap for value -> color conversion
ColorModel for training background/foreground segmentation
numerous code adjustments to fit pylint
calibration script for generating calibration
superpacks include freenect and freenect-python drivers
Changes in 1.0
Superpack installers for Mac and Windows
Debian package available for Ubuntu
Jpegstreamer url now accessable via function
Tutorial/Shell fleshed out substantially
Fixed windows-specific bugs in Camera class
Changes in 0.9
Much improved performance in JpegStreamer
Fixed favicon bug
Internal module structure split by class/function
new Image manipulation functions: rotate(), warp(), shear()
added morph operators dialate(), erode()
new shell mode based on iPython invoke with python -m SimpleCV.__init__
fix threads not exiting cleanly bug
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