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# SimpleCV Font Library
# This library is used to add fonts to images
#load required libraries
from SimpleCV.base import *
class Font:
The Font class allows you to create a font object to be
used in drawing or writing to images.
There are some defaults available, to see them, just type
_fontpath = "SimpleCV/fonts/"
_extension = ".ttf"
_fontface = "ubuntu"
_fontsize = 16
_font = None
# These fonts were downloaded from Google at:
# http://www.
_fonts = [
def __init__(self, fontface = "ubuntu", fontsize = 16):
This creates a new font object, it uses ubuntu as the default font
To give it a custom font you can just pass the absolute path
to the truetype font file.
def getFont(self):
Get the font from the object to be used in drawing
Returns: PIL Image Font
return self._font
def setFont(self, new_font = 'ubuntu'):
Set the name of the font listed in the font family
if the font isn't listed in the font family then pass it the absolute
path of the truetype font file.
Example: Font.setFont("/home/simplecv/my_font.ttf")
if isinstance(new_font, basestring):
print "Please pass a string"
return None
if find(new_font, self._fonts):
self._fontface = new_font
font_to_use = self._fontpath + self._fontface + "/" + self._fontface + self._extension
self._fontface = new_font
font_to_use = new_font
self._font = pilImageFont.truetype(font_to_use, self._fontsize)
def setSize(self, size):
Set the font point size. i.e. 16pt
print type(size)
if type(size) == int:
self._fontsize = size
print "please provide an integer"
def getSize(self):
Gets the size of the current font
Returns: Integer
return self._fontsize
def getFonts(self):
This returns the list of fonts built into SimpleCV
return self._fonts
def printFonts(self):
This prints a list of fonts built into SimpleCV
for f in self._fonts:
print f
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