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All of Your Copy/Paste Belong to Us: Stealing the clipboard and using it for C2 communications
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Invoke-Cliboard is a powershell tool for aquiring clipboard data on Windows machines as well as creation of command and control through the clipboard. Invoke-Clipboard is written in PowerShell to use the user32.dll data link library (DLL) in order to import the appropriate clipboard functions using C#.

Invoke-Clipboard has two methods of being called; one for clipboard logging/harvesting (Invoke-ClipboardLogger) and the other for establishing a Command and Control (C2C) channel over the clipboard (Invoke-ClipboardC2C and Invoke-ClipboardC2V).


Main Functions

Invoke-ClipboardLogger - monitors the Clipboard
Invoke-ClipboardC2C - command and control over Clipboard (client)
Invoke-ClipboardC2V - command and control over Clipboard (victim)

Misc Functions

push_cb - pushes to the Clipboard
get_cb - gets whats in the Clipboard


Invoke-ClipboardLogger - Invoke-ClipboardLogger
Invoke-ClipboardC2C - Invoke-ClipboardC2C -message "gwmi -class Win32_Process"
Invoke-ClipboardC2V - Invoke-ClipboardC2V



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