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Please Check Your Guns at the Door -- C'Dent, the Acmeism and Everyone
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                Please Check Your Guns at the Door
                /C'Dent, the Acmeism and Everyone/

                        by Ingy döt Net

The status quo of OSDC and OSCON conferences is to attract the best
programmers from the most exciting programming languages, bring them
all to one tropical venue far several days, and let them go off into
their own corners to discuss their own technology, in isolation from
everyone else.

Ingy döt Net believes that programming languages act as barriers to the
growth of the hacker community and that truly great hackers rise above
the language barrier level, and produce technology that serves all the
languages. He calls this belief "Acmeism".

In this hour long talk, Ingy will discuss the tenets of Acmeism and why
you, young hacker, should believe it with all your heart. Once he is
confident that you have checked your favorite programming artillery at
the OSDC Gun Check Window, he will attempt to convert you by hypnotizing
your hacker brain with these shiny and sexy Acmeist projects:

    * C'Dent - A new module programming language (made from old ones like yours)
    * TestML - A common unit test framework for every language
    * - Acmeist command options parser module, written in C'Dent
    * YAML - An acmeist data serialization language
    * Jemplate - An acmeist templating framework
    * pQuery - Acmeist server-side jQuery

                            About Ingy

Ingy döt Net is a hacker who started programming in Assembler on
punchcards, switched over to Perl and has since become enlightened to
the goodness of all the OSDC languages and the people who hack, support
and evangelize them. He is one of the creators of YAML, a major CPAN
contributor, the father of Acmeism and is drinking a double americano as
you read this.

Ingy is a citizen of the Earth who currently lives in Seattle and visits
Taiwan every chance he can. He loves to make things DRY.
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