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version: 0.02
+date: Sun Jul 15 15:12:46 PDT 2012
- Wrote the first real doc revision.
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Alt - Alternate Module Implementations
- cpanm Alt::IO::All::mst
+ cpanm Alt::IO::All::crackfueled
"Alt::" is the namespace for alternate implementations of CPAN modules.
- This documentation is intended to explain this concept, how it works,
- and guidelines for using it well.
- ... documentation in progress ...
+ The purpose of the Alt module is to provide documentation explaining the
+ Alt concept, how it works, and guidelines for using it well.
+ For a given piece of software, CPAN only allows for one implementation
+ of a given module/distribution name.
+ GitHub on the other hand, is not limited this way. Any author can make a
+ fork, since GitHub repos are namespaced by author id.
+ On CPAN, even the author(s) of the module in question is limited by
+ this, as they cannot release newer or older forks of their code, without
+ introducing a new name.
+ A module "Foo::Bar" is distributed on CPAN as "Foo-Bar". It may have
+ submodules like "Foo::Bar::Baz".
+ To make an alternate CPAN version, leave everything exactly the same,
+ except distribute the new version as "Alt-Foo-Bar-AltIdentifier".
+ When a user installs your module like so:
+ cpanm Alt::Foo::Bar::better
+ they will get your version of the Foo::Bar framework (Foo::Bar,
+ Foo::Bar::Baz).
+ Obviously, this completely overlays the old Foo::Bar install, but that's
+ the whole idea. The user isn't surprised by this because they just asked
+ for an Alternate implementation. If they don't like it, they can simply
+ reinstall the original Foo-Bar, or try some other alternate.
+ The Alt- concept was thought up by Ingy as he tried to figure out how to
+ revamp the somewhat popular IO::All and modules. Alternates can
+ now be released and alpha/beta tested, while the originals remain
+ stable.
+ When Alt-IO-All-new is "community approved" it can replace IO-All. If
+ people want the old code, they can can install Alt-IO-All-old.
+ This idea is new, and the details should be sorted out through proper
+ discussions. Pull requests welcome.
+ Here are the basic guidelines for using the Alt namespace:
+ Name Creation
+ Names for alternate modules should be minted like this:
+ "Alt-$Original_Dist_Name-$phrase"
+ For instance, if MSTROUT wants to make an alternate IO-All
+ distribution to make it even more crack fueled, he might call it:
+ Alt-IO-All-crackfueled
+ He might also just call it:
+ By having 'Alt' at the start, it guarantees that it does not mess
+ with future IO::All development. The "phrase" at the end can be
+ anything unique to CPAN, but should describe the spirit of the
+ alternate. If the alternate is meant to be short-lived, it can just
+ be the author's CPAN id.
+ Module for CPAN Indexing
+ You will need to provide a module like "Alt::IO::All::MSTROUT" so
+ that CPAN will index something that can cause your distribution to
+ get installed by people:
+ cpanm Alt::IO::All::MSTROUT
+ Since you are adding this module, you should add some doc to it
+ explaining your Alternate version's improvements.
+ Versioning
+ It's not yet clear what kinds of versioning issues will come into
+ play.
+ Other Concerns
+ If you have em, I(ngy) would like to know them. Discuss on
+ #toolchain on for now.
Ingy döt Net <>

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