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Warnings with `pull --all -v` #11

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 git subrepo pull -v --all
>>> git rev-parse --short HEAD
>>> git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD
>>> git rev-parse HEAD
>>> git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree
>>> git rev-parse --verify HEAD
>>> git config --file=./subdir/.gitrepo subrepo.remote
>>> git config --file=./subdir/.gitrepo subrepo.branch
>>> git config --file=./subdir/.gitrepo subrepo.commit
>>> git config --file=./subdir/.gitrepo subrepo.parent
>>> git fetch --quiet ../otherrepo/ master
>>> git rev-parse FETCH_HEAD
>>> git remote add subrepo/./subdir ../otherrepo/
fatal: 'subrepo/./subdir' is not a valid remote name
>>> git branch --force subrepo/remote/./subdir 4039ec53badad3430b3d0cf4beab8b6c5d581b64
fatal: 'subrepo/remote/./subdir' is not a valid branch name.
subrepo './subdir' is up to date

Closing. Not seeing this behaviour now.

@ingydotnet ingydotnet closed this
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