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If you want a simple example of how git-subrepo is used, start with the Basics.

To dig deeper into git-subrepo, you can check out Advanced. Note that the Advanced page is based in operations performed in Basics so you can go back there for further information.

Disconnecting or deleting a subrepo

The only thing that connects the subrepo with the parent is the .gitrepo file in the subrepo.

  • If you want to delete the entire directory, just remove it in the parent repo.
  • If you just want to disconnect it, remove the .gitrepo file.

In either case you'll want to remove the related git remote.

Version 0.3.X

In 0.3.0 we tested out an approach using tree hashes. This turned out to have a lot of flaws but if you want to read the wiki pages for that, they can be found here: Basics 0.3.x, Advanced 0.3.x

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