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Ingy döt Net

Greetings! My name is Ingy döt Net. I am a software artist and inventor. My mission in life is to see computers solving the real world problems that we humans face today. To that end, I continually look for new ideas to make software development simpler, while searching for more ways to socialize those ideas.

With over 20 years of work experience, I have been a vocal leader in Open Source Software for the last 10. I love solving problems in ways that benefit not only my current task, but the art of programming in general. I take the most pride in my works that help people of many programming languages at once. I've coined this effort: Acmeism.

Contact Information

aim, skype, twitter:
1122 E Pike St #721
Seattle, WA 98122


I am seeking a fulltime position as a software engineer for a company that embraces Open Source technologies, and applies agile development techniques. I desire to work primarily as a telecommuter, in constant communication with a solid team who can deliver innovative software on time. As a prolific inventor of open technology, I will require permission to publish my generic software ideas as Open Source modules and libraries.


Perl, JavaScript, Python, Perl 6, Bash
PSGI, jQuery, AJAX, Jemplate
Acmeism, Wiki, GitHub, XLog
Favorite Tools:
Vim, Git, Screen, Plack, Firebug, TT2, GNU Make
SSL, Tor, OTR, eCryptfs
Travel, Bicycle Racing, 中文/國語

Career Highlights

  • Inventor of YAML - the human friendly data format for all languages
  • Opening Keynote Speaker @ OSDC 2010 in Melbourne
  • Regular speaker at OSCON, OSDC and YAPC type conferences worldwide since 2000
  • Prolific module author for Perl (CPAN), Python (PyPI), Perl 6 and even Bash
  • Creator of Kwiki - A once popular wiki in the Perl community
  • First lead developer @ Socialtext, the Enterprise Social Software company
  • My first computer science class was Fortran on punchcards!

Employment History

2009 - 2011: Oui Code Software, LLC - Seattle, WA

My personal consulting business. Customers include Strategic Data, Inc.

2003 - 2009: Socialtext, Inc - Palo Alto, CA

Lead Developer. Socialtext is the original Enterprise Social Software company. Helped develop Socialtext's enterprise wiki platform, which was also released as Open Source software. Worked primarily on the WYSIWYG, web browser based, content editor component. Released many Open Source Perl and JavaScript modules. Over 5 years of fulltime telecommute-only software development.

2002 - 2003: Onyx Neon - Portland, OR

Independent Software Consultant. Perl consulting for local small businesses. Worked on many Open Source projects. Wrote articles for Perl magazines.

2002 - 2002: Databuilt, Inc - Bluffton, SC

Software Engineer. Databuilt was the first company that attempted to automate the construction industry. Wrote Perl code for their mainline product.

2001 - 2002: FatPort, Inc - Vancouver, BC

CTO. Fatport was Canada's first public wifi vendor. I started this company and developed the initial access point system.

2000 - 2001: ActiveState - Vancouver, BC

Software Developer. ActiveState is the company well known for putting Perl on Windows. Developed the Perl Module distribution automation system for their product, ActivePerl.

1989 - 2000: NOTIS/Ameritech/epixtech/Dynix - Evanston, IL

Computer Programmer. This company was a leader in Library Automation Systems for the most prestigious universities East of the Mississippi. Developed various programs in IBM 370 mainframe assembly language. Switched to Perl in 1998. Last 5 years was telecommute based.

1988 - 1989: Allstate Insurance, Inc - Northbrook, IL

Computer Programmer. My first and worst job in computers. Performed maintenance programming on their billing subsystem, in IBM 370 mainframe assembly language.


B.A. Computer Science, 1987
Northern Illinois University


The complete source code for this resume can be found at

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