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use v6;
use Test;
plan 23;
use TestML::Parser;
my $testml = '
# A comment
%TestML: 1.0 #A line comment
%Plan: 2
%Title: O HAI TEST
*input.uppercase() == *output;
=== Test mixed case string
--- input: I Like Pie
--- output: I LIKE PIE
=== Test lower case string
--- input: i love lucy
--- output: I LOVE LUCY
my $match = TestML::Parser.parse($testml);
ok $match, 'TestML string matches against TestML grammar';
is $<TestML>, '1.0', 'Version parses';
is $<Plan>, '2', 'Plan parses';
is $<Title>, 'O HAI TEST', 'Title parses';
is $<BlockMarker>, '===', 'BlockMarker defaults';
is $<PointMarker>, '---', 'PointMarker defaults';
is $match.test.statements.elems, 1, 'One test statement';
my $statement = $match.test.statements[0];
is $statement.points.join('-'), 'input-output',
'Point list is correct';
is $statement.expression.transforms.elems, 2, 'Expression has two transforms';
my $expression = $statement.expression;
is $expression.transforms[0].name, 'Point', 'First sub is a Point';
is $expression.transforms[0].args[0], 'input', 'Point name is "input"';
is $expression.transforms[1].name, 'uppercase', 'Second sub is "uppercase"';
is $, 'EQ', 'Assertion is "EQ"';
$expression = $statement.assertion.expression;
is $expression.transforms.elems, 1, 'Right side has one part';
is $expression.transforms[0].name, 'Point', 'First sub is a Point';
is $expression.transforms[0].args[0], 'output', 'Point name is "output"';
is $, 2, 'Two data blocks';
my ($block1, $block2) = $;
is $block1.label, 'Test mixed case string', 'Block 1 label ok';
is $block1.points<input>, 'I Like Pie', 'Block 1, input point';
is $block1.points<output>, 'I LIKE PIE', 'Block 1, output point';
is $block2.label, 'Test lower case string', 'Block 2 label ok';
is $block2.points<input>, 'i love lucy', 'Block 2, input point';
is $block2.points<output>, 'I LOVE LUCY', 'Block 2, output point';
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