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YAML::XS - Perl YAML Serialization using XS and libyaml



use YAML::XS;

my $yaml = Dump [ 1..4 ];
my $array = Load $yaml;


Kirill Siminov's libyaml is arguably the best YAML implementation. The C library is written precisely to the YAML 1.1 specification. It was originally bound to Python and was later bound to Ruby.

This module is a Perl XS binding to libyaml which offers Perl the best YAML support to date.

This module exports the functions Dump, Load, DumpFile and LoadFile. These functions are intended to work exactly like YAML.pm's corresponding functions. Only Load and Dump are exported by default.



If enabled supports deparsing and evaling of code blocks.


When true (the default) strings that look like numbers but have not been numified will be quoted when dumping.

This ensures leading that things like leading zeros and other formatting are preserved.

Using YAML::XS with Unicode

Handling unicode properly in Perl can be a pain. YAML::XS only deals with streams of utf8 octets. Just remember this:

$perl = Load($utf8_octets);
$utf8_octets = Dump($perl);

There are many, many places where things can go wrong with unicode. If you are having problems, use Devel::Peek on all the possible data points.

See Also

  • YAML.pm

  • YAML::Syck

  • YAML::Tiny


Ingy döt Net <ingy@cpan.org>

Copyright and License

Copyright 2007-2017. Ingy döt Net.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

See http://www.perl.com/perl/misc/Artistic.html