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    YAML2 - YAML Ain't Markup Language

    This is a very early version, and should simply not be used.

    The module "YAML2" is intended to soon become the new It is a
    frontend API module that does no real work on its own, but instead loads
    the YAML module you want to use. I'm releasing it to CPAN, so people can
    start playing with the new API but not upset their production/important

    When YAML2 becomes YAML, the classic will be renamed to
    YAML::Old. You can get the exact same behavior with:

        use YAML-Old;

    for now, you can try:

        use YAML2-Old;

    If you use YAML2 now, when it becomes the only thing you will
    need to do is change 'YAML2' to 'YAML' in the 'use YAML' line of your
    code. In other words, when I make the "switch", all I will do is
    "s/YAML2/YAML/g" and remove this NOTE section from the documentation.

        use YAML2;              # Use the best YAML implementation available
        use YAML2-XS;           # Use only YAML::XS, but with standard YAML2 API
        use YAML2-XS,-Perl;     # Use either YAML::XS or YAML::Perl

        my $y = yaml;           # Create a new YAML object. Same as:
        my $y = YAML->new->implementation('YAML::XS');

        $YAML::UseCode = 1;     # Old global flags still work, but consistently
                                # between implementations
        Dump Load $object;      # Old Dump Load interface still exists

        yaml->dump($object);    # New dump interface
        yaml->load($yaml);      # New load interface
        yaml->indent(4)         # Dump to a file with various options

DESCRIPTION is the front end module API module for all of the various
    backend YAML implementation modules. The current YAML implementation
    modules are:

        - YAML::Old - The old, "classic", woefully inadequate
        - YAML::XS - The newer very fast and very correct YAML module
        - YAML::Syck - The older very fast but less correct YAML module
        - YAML::Perl - The Perl port of PyYaml
        - YAML::Tiny - Adam's Tiny subset of YAML module

    All of these implementation modules use the familiar Dump/Load API.
    YAML2 continues to support this simple API, but also exposes newer, more
    powerful APIs. Note that not all of the API options can be used with
    every implementation module. YAML2 will attempt to let you know when you
    are doing something that is not supported.

    When you "use" YAML2, you can let it choose an appropriate YAML
    implementation, or you can specify which one(s) should be used. YAML2
    will load the appropriate implemenation module or it will die with the
    appropriate error msg.

        use YAML2-XS;       # Use only the YAML::XS implementation
        use YAML2-XS,-Perl; # Use either YAML::XS implementation
        use YAML;           # Same as:
        use YAML-XS,-Perl,-Syck,-Old,-Tiny;

Dump/Load API
    Ingy döt Net <>

    Copyright (c) 2008. Ingy döt Net.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.