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Nabbd - an iPhone app and server to record your valuables and help in reporting burglaries.

Developed for the Rewired State National Hack the Government March 2011, by Daniel Rendall,
Dave Addey, Inigo Surguy and Mohsen Ramezanpoor.


If you were burgled, would you have proof of all the valuable items that you own that
might have been taken? Even if you do, providing a record of what's gone for the police
and your insurance company is an unpleasant task.

Nabbd allows you to quickly and easily record details all of the valuable items that 
you own, and take photos of each as supporting evidence.

If you are burgled, then Nabbd will tell you "Don't Panic". It will find the phone 
number of the local police force (based on your current location) for you so you can
report the crime. Once you have an incident number, it will send the details of 
what's been taken to a central server, and email the police. The police can then
log on to the Nabbd website to see what's been taken, and download it to include in
their records.


The server is built and run with Maven:
    mvn jetty:run

or with SBT (Scala Build Tool):
    sbt update ~jetty-run

The server requires a file with mailserver information and an API key for
the Police API. Edit and rename the existing server/src/main/resources/
and sign up for an API key at


The server application is Copyright (C) 2011 Daniel Rendall and Inigo Surguy. It is 
licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 3, available at

The client iPhone application is Copyright (C) Agant Ltd., All Rights Reserved, and is
not present in this repository.


Nabbd - an iPhone app and server to record your valuables and help in reporting burglaries






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