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automatedAccessibilityTesting is intended as an automated check for validity and accessibility
of web pages that can be run as part of a continuous integration system. It takes a list of URLs,
validates each using a local instance of the W3C validator, and checks their accessibility using
Schematron rules. It is written in XProc, XSLT and Schematron. The current implementation uses
Java, using Norm Walsh's "Calabash" XProc implementation, and Saxon for XSLT.
<h2>Building and running</h2>
The application builds and installs with Maven. <code>mvn install</code> will produce an
<code>allInOneCalabash.jar</code> in the target directory, which can be launched via
java -jar. The libraries not available in a public Maven repo (Saxon and Calabash) are
built into the JAR from the lib directory.
The main XProc file is runTests.xpl.
To run from IDEA, set up an IDEA run configuration with a main class of <code>com.xmlcalabash.drivers.Main</code>
and program parameters of <code>-U com.sixtysevenbricks.xml.ClasspathUriResolver -i
source=file:src/test/resources/urlsToTest.xml src/main/resources/xpl/runTests.xpl</code>.
To run from the command line, run: <br/>
<code>java -jar allInOneCalabash.jar -Ucom.sixtysevenbricks.xml.ClasspathUriResolver
-i source=file:test-classes/urlsToTest.xml classpath:///xpl/runTests.xpl</code>
(or copy to the target directory, and run it.
<h2>Set-up of W3C validator</h2>
The W3C validator is a separate application that needs to run as a web page. The easiest way is to
download the <a href="">OS X Validator S.A.C.</a> and follow the
instructions to set it up within Apache. The W3C validator is also available as a
<a href="">packages and source code for Linux</a>. It isn't
available for Windows.
Having set up the validator, make sure the validatorUrl option is correctly set (used in
runTests.xpl) to point to it. If the validator is updated, then it may be necessary to change
the forms that are being posted to it (from runTests.xpl) and the formatting of its results
(in formatValidationReport.xsl).
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