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This package contains templer templates used by Inigo Consulting as our standard package structure.


Method 1: Buildout

Create a buildout using this configuration:

parts = scripts

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs =

Method 2: Install into system python

easy_install inigo.templer


Instantiating template

templer inigo_plone

This will create a folder with your development package.

Using localcommands

Enter your development package, and you will find a and buildout.cfg in it. This is a pre-configured buildout which will help you in setting up a development environment for your package. To use localcommand, you will need the paster provided by this buildout. Follow these steps to build the buildout:

./bin/buildout -vvvv

Once buildout is successful, you can use paster to add localcommand templates:

./bin/paster add <localcommand-template-name>



This template contains our standardized package structure and several local commands to aid in common tasks related to Plone add-on development for our clients.

The local commands are:

  • content_type - This adds a skeleton Dexterity Content Type similar to templer.dexterity, however with a different layout.
  • behavior - This adds a skeleton for Dexterity Content Type similar to templer.dexterity.
  • basic_portlet - This adds a skeleton for a configurable portlet.
  • nonconfigurable_portlet - This adds a skeleton for a nonconfigurable portlet. This skeleton can also add assignment profile to specific content types.
  • schemaextender - This adds a skeleton for an archetypes.schemaextender browserlayer aware extender.
  • skin_layer - This adds a single FileSystemDirectoryView skin layer into the product
  • upgrade_profile - This adds a skeleton for a GenericSetup upgrade profile and handler for the product.
  • viewlet - This adds a skeleton for a basic viewlet
  • view - This adds a skeleton for a basic View based on grok.View
  • css - This adds genericsetup xml settings for inclusion of css
  • js - This adds genericsetup xml settings for inclusion of js
  • vocabulary - This adds skeleton for a named VocabularyFactory


  • custom indexer, z3cform widget, catalog index, topic metadata


This template provides a skeleton buildout which provides:

  • buildout.cfg + deployment.cfg based template (separation between development, deployment buildout)
  • site.cfg for site-specific settings
  • releaser script to aid in releasing packages from mr.developer list
  • example haproxy.cfg and varnish.vcl


This template provides an initial Diazo theme package to work with. It includes an rudimentary rules.xml with simple index.html based on sunburst's actual template, a skin layer, and a z3c.jbot directory for overriding templates.

Local commands usable here:

  • css - This adds genericsetup xml settings for inclusion of css
  • js - This adds genericsetup xml settings for inclusion of js


This template provides a basic package which is useful as a site policy package. Its simple a basic package with genericsetup install/upgrade profile, and a browserlayer.


This template provide a basic package for overriding locales


Feel free to fork and modify/add functionalities and submit improvements for this package. It is using inigo.* namespace primarily because the template layout is following our internal best practices, of which might not be the same as upstream Plone practices. However, we believe that some of these should be pushed upstream if the community want it.