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This automates the process of downloading, extracting, and tokenizing all the text from the opensubtitles dataset into one large corpus text file. Each phrase is on it's own line, and each phrase is delimited by a space separating each token in the phrase.

Currently only works in python 2.7.x


This script uses the data set found at:

It was made possible by: Jörg Tiedemann, 2009, News from OPUS - A Collection of Multilingual Parallel Corpora with Tools and Interfaces. In N. Nicolov and K. Bontcheva and G. Angelova and R. Mitkov (eds.) Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (vol V), pages 237-248, John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia


When using the script for the first time, run ./ This will download the dataset and then parse it.

If you have already downloaded the dataset, run python


Some words are appearing in the corpus file without a space between tokens (ex/ and the -> andthe) I don't know if this is from the original dataset, or a problem with my script. I need to look more into it.