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init6 overlay

At this unofficial place, i publish some ebuilds that may (or may not) be interesting to other Gentoo users.


You are supposed to be using ~amd64 or ~x86 if you use this overlay. Please report any failure or missing dep. You can also request to add any ebuild.

For add overlay

Install layman

emerge -av layman; layman -L

and run

layman -a init6

If you've never worked with a overlay, please read Gentoo Overlays: Users' Guide

In this overlay you will find

and many fixes and patches…

Dynamic sets:

@init6-rebuild  = rebuilds all installed packages from this overlay.
        nice for rebuilding, as it will rebuild also
        all dependencies (simple rerun of emerge on some static set will not)

@init6-all  = all ebuilds from overlay, excluding those listed
        into @init6-broken (see below). Still
        broken ebuild might be fetched as
        dependencies. Use it, if you want to install
        and try all known packages from overlay.

Static sets:

Meta sets:

@arx        = Arx libertatis stuff
@chromium   = Chromium stuff
@core       = Only stage3 core stuff
@e17        = enlightenment 17 stuff
@gnome      = Gnome set
@kernel     = Only kernel. Read [Depclean Tricks sets.conf](
@portage    = Portage stuff set
@toolchain  = Only toolchain
@wireless   = wireless stuff set
@X      = X stuff set
@kde-4.14   = Custom Kde set

Kde sub sets:


Developer sets:

@init6-broken   = List of programs known to be broken for a long time
        Used by @init6-all script for
        excluding and filtering them out

Contribute to this overlay

Contributions are welcome. Fork (preferably to a branch) and create a pull request. If you find Bug open new issue


Right to access directly to the overlay at the moment have: CarelessChaser, deterok, grondinm, init_6, nilekurt, Pinkbyte, tazhate, Yamakuzure.

Release security & signing

All release media will have its Manifest file signed by one of the keys listed on this page.

Key ID Key Type Key Fingerprint Key Description Created Expires Revoked Notes
B9489F0C 2048-bit DSA/ElGamal E10F 898F F87E 82A6 928E EC6E 4DFA 96F5 B948 9F0C Andrey Ovcharov (init_6) 2013-08-13 2014-02-09 Revoked for changeover
42E8AE40 2048-bit DSA/ElGamal 3810 BDF2 9D0A 13E4 C8A1 805F 0DBF 6EF3 42E8 AE40 Andrey Ovcharov (init_6) 2014-02-09 2015-02-09 Key is lost

You will find more in the GnuPG Gentoo User Guide

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