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XNAMode =======----

Fork of X-Flixel, the Mode port that went with it, and other games.

Other games included in the huge pack are:

Mode - A game by Adam Atomic, ported by the original X-Flixel author Revvolvver - 4 player death match. Super Lemonade Factory - 80% complete The Four Chambers of the Human Heart

To Do:

Four Chambers:

  • Install 7zip for quick zips/uploads.
  • Make proper icons
  • Make favicon.ico for website.
  • Create 99 levels.
  • Choose a random level at levelbegin, and pop it out of an array of each level.
  • Create a golden run.
  • Create a shop.
  • Turn points into money.
  • Special particles when killing main characters.
  • All main characters that you kill come back to haunt you in the final stages.
  • Allow Seraphine to be killed. Stays for whole game.
  • Check _procGen squares for autotiles.
  • Remove EventsLayer from ogmo project.
  • Add combos to the HUD.
  • Check cheats.
  • Clear cheat string after using.


  • Make BGs bigger, need to be HD 1920x1080
  • Need to texture pack control buttons.
  • Make .nfo Mode:


  • Switch to OpenGameArt graphics by - complete! Looks great!
  • Revvolvver - switch to 16x16 tiles.


Flixel Global Cheats.

On the Flixel splash screen type "BUGGS" to enter debug mode.

In debug mode Press [`] to bring up the console. Press [TAB] to enter a cheat.

Flixel Global whatisgame = Log the name of the game.

Four Chambers Cheats:

Type buggs on the flixel splash screen to enter debug mode.

arrows% = fire % arrows at a time. liketheangels = Bring Seraphine back bigmoney = +20000 to FlxG.score nobugs = debug mode off level = print level bounds = show bounderies nobounds = turn off boundaries. level% = not working.