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#Track the International Space Station



Who doesn't love space? Seriously. Especially when we live in a glorious day and age of public space data! Thanks to NASA and Open Notify, we can access data about where the International Space Station is right now!

Our natural reaction to discovering this? Visualizing it, of course! We go over how to track the ISS on your own with either a personal computer (like a Raspberry Pi) or with Amazon Web Service's Lambda.

Project level: Beginner
Approximate time to complete with a Pi: 30 minutes
Approximate time to complete in Lambda: 1 hour

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will:

  • scrape a JSON data set in either Python or JavaScript
  • stream scraped data to a web service you can access from anywhere
  • use either a personal computer or AWS Lambda to host your script
  • view your lovely data on a cool map dashboard

Part 1: Python >>