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Simple Dashboard Web Server

by Jamie Bailey

Simple Dashboard Server Hero

Do you want to create a beautiful, customized dashboard full of all your important data for display on a big television, small LCD, your laptop, or to share with your colleagues/boss at work? Maybe you want to wrap custom images around your dashboard. Or, perhaps you want to display some cool animations or even have some interactive buttons in addition to your core data. One way to accomplish this is by creating a custom web page and hosting it from an inexpensive device like a Raspberry Pi. Turns out, this is pretty easy.

In this tutorial, we will

  • Install Node.js on a Raspberry Pi (or equivalent device)
  • Create a custom Node.js hosted web page using an iframe embed and basic HTML/CSS
  • View and share our masterpiece

Let's get started with the first step - installing Node.js on a Raspberry Pi.

Part 1: Node.js >>

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