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Weather API (Dark Sky) + Pi Sense HAT

Dark Sky Dashboard This is a hub for the Hyper-local Weather Dashboard: Weather API (Dark Sky) + Pi Sense HAT.

Here you will find code materials for the tutorial as well as the tutorial itself in the wiki.

Let's face it, we humans talk about the weather a lot ⛅️. The average person talks about the weather four times a day, for an average of 8 minutes and 21 seconds. Do the math and that totals 10 months of your life that you will spend yapping about the weather. The weather ranks as the #1 go-to topic for conversation starters and uncomfortable silence breakers. If we are going to talk about it that much, we might as well take our weather street cred to a whole new level. This super-fun and easy project will leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and a Raspberry Pi to do just that ... read more


Tutorial and code for using the Raspberry PI Sense HAT plus a weather API (Dark Sky) to create a personal weather dashboard.




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