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Commits on Apr 4, 2012
  1. Implement ordinal rendering

    inkarkat committed Apr 4, 2012
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 1.4

    Salman Halim authored and vim-scripts committed Oct 5, 2010
    Version 1.4
    Added an option to put in the word "and" (nine hundred AND twenty); off by default to retain old behavior:
    let g:numberToEnglish_useAnd = 1
    Added another configuration variable (French, in this example):
    let g:numberToEnglish_and = "et"
    Sections are now separated by commas; for example, "12345" becomes "twelve thousand, three hundred and forty five"
  2. Version 1.3

    Salman Halim authored and vim-scripts committed Mar 6, 2009
    Made the plugin accept global values for overriding the returned string; useful for changing the language, for example. Place the following in your _vimrc for
    let g:numberToEnglish_digits = [ "", "un",   "deux",  "trois",  "quatre",   "cinq",      "six",      "sept",         "huit",         "neuf" ]
    let g:numberToEnglish_teens  = [ "", "onze", "douze", "treize", "quatorze", "quinze",    "seize",    "dix-sept",     "dix-huit",     "dix-neuf" ]
    let g:numberToEnglish_tens   = [ "", "dix",  "vingt", "trente", "quarante", "cinquante", "soixante", "soixante dix", "quatre vingt", "quatre vingt dix" ]
    let g:numberToEnglish_scale = [ "", "mille", "million", "billion" ]
    let g:numberToEnglish_hundred = "cent"
    This change necessitates the use of GetVar ( Technically, the usage of GetVar allows the setting
    of any combination of these variables on a per-window, buffer or tab level (allowing different languages, capitalizations, etc., depending upon the buffer
    type, for example).
  3. Version 1.2

    Salman Halim authored and vim-scripts committed Mar 3, 2009
    Added two new mappings:
    <Plug>DNumberToEnglish and <Plug>DCNumberToEnglish -- the D is short for "Detailed".
    Differs from the versions without the D in that it places the original number at the end of the expanded version:
    Thus, 12341234 becomes twelve million three hundred forty one thousand two hundred thirty four (12341234).
    Version 1.1 (not uploaded):
    Took the hard-coded values out of the functions into script-local variables -- no sense defining them every time.
  4. Version 1.0: Initial upload

    Salman Halim authored and vim-scripts committed Feb 27, 2009