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Adjust spaces and commas when putting text.
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This is a mirror of

Smartput tries to reduce the need of fine-tuning spaces after a put.  Under certain conditions, it also moves a comma to the other side of the register before putting.

The following keys are remapped: p, P, gp and gP.

Press  <Leader>st  to toggle Smartput on and off.

See also:
    :help todo| /Smart cut.paste

There is a wealth of customization options -- the help file has the details.


    Hello World!
Type  dwep  on "Hello"
    World Hello!

    Hello World!
Type  dawbP  on "World"
    World Hello!

Type  dww3p  on "Hello"
    (Hello Hello Hello)

    (Hello, World)
Type  dWep  on "Hello"
    (World, Hello)

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