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Documentation: Add changelog for 1.22 and contributing section.

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@@ -398,9 +398,21 @@ IDEAS *runVimTests-ideas*
script once it becomes too unwieldy. (Many will argue it already did.)
- Do we also need a TODO signal (and vimtest#Todo...() functions)?
+CONTRIBUTING *runVimTests-contribute*
+The code is hosted in a Git repo at
+Report any bugs, send patches, or suggest features via email (address below),
+or via the issue tracker at
HISTORY *runVimTests-history*
+1.22 15-Mar-2013
+- Include the version 1.21 changes in the Windows runVimTests.cmd, too.
+- Switch to Git for the plugin's development to prevent such omissions (caused
+ by my manual syncing, which is more complex in this case with files
+ distributed over many different directory trees).
1.21 07-Mar-2013
- FIX: Prevent script errors when the error message containing the full
command line from a failing vimtest#System() contains characters like

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