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CryENGINE3 game development on the .NET/Mono platform


CryMono (v0.7-dev) - CryENGINE3 game development on the .NET/Mono platform by Ink Studios Ltd. (Based on 'cemono' by Sam 'ins\' Neirinck)


CryMono brings the power of .NET/Mono into the world of CryENGINE3, allowing game logic to be scripted in a faster and easier to use lanaguage than Lua.

Documentation & Info

To find out more about CryMono, visit our main page at!

Source directory structure

Our Visual Studio projects have been set up to expect all contents to be placed inside a folder within the Code folder shipped with the CryENGINE Free SDK.

Example: C:\CryENGINE\Code\CryMono

Using another folder structure is up to the developer, but will require customization in order for reference and output locations to be correct.

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