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Please visit our new forum here:

Inkdrop User Forum

Please report issue or suggest feedback here. Check existing issues if there's someone who is in the same boat. Include following information in your bug report:

  • App version
  • Your environment (macOS/Windows/Linux) and its version.
  • Steps to reproduce if possible

Need help? Please read the documentation and FAQ. If you have a problem related to your account, please send an email here.


I'm working hard on improving the app and I put my efforts where it will have the most impact on the user, in terms of features. If you are curious about what features are being developed now, please read following blog entry for the current roadmap:

As the roadmap shows, I cannot answer questions regarding other features like Do you have plans to support xxx?. But please don't hesitate to suggest your idea! Your thoughts will let me know how important it is for users :)