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Releases: inkle/ink-unity-integration

1.1.5 is out!

01 Dec 20:35
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Minor one!

  • Adds InkSettings.suppressStartupWindow, which can be used to prevent this window from appearing (requested for some CI/CD pipelines).
  • Adds links to Discord for community support in help menu, startup window and setting menu.
  • Fixes an issue where InkSettings ScriptableObjects wouldn't be unloaded.
  • Updates build documentation for this plugin

1.1.3 is out!

26 Oct 08:39
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This release fixes a bug with the Ink Player Window in 1.1.2, and hopefully resolves the last of issues with the auto-UPM release system we've set up.

1.1.2 is out!

25 Oct 13:57
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This release includes last week's release of ink 1.1.1.

Other changes:

The InkCompiler.OnCompileInk event now fires once when the compilation stack completes and returns an array of compiled files
Fixes some async threading issues when compiling
Enables installing via the package manager
Choice tags can be viewed by hovering choices in the Ink Player Window
Adds JSON formatting for save states copied or saved via the Ink Player Window
Use the Unity Progress API to show compilation. Useful for large ink projects!
Included files now show their own included files in the Inspector
Various optimisations

1.0.2 is out!

22 Feb 22:20
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No changes! This exists only to nudge the build at OpenUPM, which is stuck on a slightly earlier commit that has issues on Unity 2019.

1.0.0 is out!

22 Feb 16:18
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GOSH IT'S 1.0.0 🎉🎉🎉

  • Update ink to 1.0.0
  • Ink Editor Window: Allow resizing (some) panels
  • Ink Editor Window: Named content panel
  • Ink Editor Window: Improved performance for large stories
  • Allow compiling include files that don't have the .ink file extension
  • Remove ability to use a custom inklecate (legacy compiler)
  • Fixes settings menu on 2020+
  • Improved migration from earlier versions
  • Moved persistent compilation tracking code from InkLibrary into InkCompiler
  • Use Unity's new ScriptableSingleton for InkLibrary, InkSettings and InkCompiler on 2020+

0.9.71 is out!

18 Dec 21:55
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This resolves some compilation queue issues for users with many separate ink stories.
It should also make the InkLibrary file more robust, and fix a rare issue preventing Unity from automatically compiling scripts.

0.9.61 is out!

11 Nov 15:36
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This fixes a critical bug on 2019+ that prevented compilation.

0.9.60 is out!

09 Nov 20:04
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We've finally found a way to move the Ink Library and Ink Settings files into the actual Library/Project settings files! This means you should no longer be keeping the Ink Library file in source control.
Also adds a "Named Content" section to the Ink Player Window that replaces the "Diverts" section.

0.9.54 is out!

29 Oct 18:54
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This fixes up some bugs and resolves some issues with the ink library creating trash in source control

0.9.53 is out!

28 Oct 16:02
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This release adds support for include files to be included by several parent files, and adds tags to the ink player window.