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Nope, we're not going to hit version 1.0 yet :) Let's go to version 0.10.

This version of inky contains support for:

And new for Inky: a new web template, including support for dark theme, images and more!


  • The new template has:

    • Styling improvements
    • Dark theme support! Simply add the following tag to the top of your main ink file:
      # theme: dark
    • By-line support. Simply add the following tag to the top of your main ink file:
      # author: Your Name Here
    • Can new use these built in tags when exporting to web:
      # IMAGE: pathToImage to insert images.
      # CLEAR to start a "new page", clearing the existing text on screen.
      # RESTART to restart the story from the beginning, also clearing the screen and player progress. We suggest you do this after a + Restart choice!
      # CLASS: className: Built in tag that will apply a CSS class to a line of content.
      Built-in .end CSS class that you can apply to "The End" text if desired.
    • Fix for scrolling behaviour with large amounts of content so it doesn't scroll too far.
    • Fixes for layout when embedded in an iframe, such as when uploaded to itch.io.
  • Fix for the titlebar not updating from "Untitled.ink" when saving new files on Windows.

  • Fix for CTRL-P shortcut for "Go to anything..." not working on Windows.

  • Updated version of Electron.