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Version 0.14.1

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@joethephish joethephish released this 18 Oct 14:02
· 23 commits to master since this release

Note: We had previously release 0.14.0 but the version of ink had a few bugs so we're now replacing it with 0.14.1.

  • Support for ink 1.1.1, which adds a new feature: Dynamic Tags (thanks to BetterUp for supporting this feature).
    • Note that until inkjs is updated to port the changes over from 1.1.1, this feature won't be available for web export just yet.
  • It's now possible to have the file browser and the new knot browser open simultaneously.
  • Include files in the sidebar are now sorted according to the order they're defined in the root ink file where possible.
  • New ink snippets
  • It's now possible to assign shortcuts to custom snippet menus (thanks @skalogryz!)
  • Small improvements to colour themes.