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Small Embroidery Font

This is a small font for use in machine embroidery. It includes capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and the following punctuation: < > = - + , : ( ) @ .

Currently one size is available, 0.2 inches, as measured by the width of the capital letter "M".

You may use this font for free in any embroidery project, including in designs that you intend to sell or sew out and sell. There is no limitation on the number of designs or items you may sell. For full details, check the LICENSE file in the top directory.

I've taken pains to make this font sew out nicely even though it's tiny. Every character is properly underlayed using a center-walk stitch. Even still, your choice of fabric, needle, and stabilizer will definitely affect your end results! Make sure you test it out before sewing onto a garment or anything else that you really care about.

If you can see areas for improvement, I'd like to know. Just open a github issue in this repo and we can talk through your ideas.

How Did You Design This Font?

I designed this font entirely using free software! I use Inkscape with the inkscape-embroidery extension. The SVG file in this directory is designed to be used as an input to inkscape-embroidery. See the README in that repo for more information on how to use it.

The individual character SVG files were split out from the main SVG file and are also designed to be used with inkscape-embroidery. The idea is that you can do File -> Import in Inkscape to pull in individual characters as needed.

Of course, you can also use this font in many commercial embroidery design tools. I've rendered the font using inkscape-embroidery into Embroidermodder2's CSV format and then converted them to several major embroidery formats. You should be able to load characters into your design software, but please let me know if you encounter any difficulties.

As a note, I'd love to also package this font in the BX format, but I was unable to find any specification of this format and I don't want to purchase Embrilliance.

Why Are You Releasing This Font For Free?

Good question! Small embroidery fonts go for between $3-$15 depending on where you buy them. I could probably make a fair bit of money selling this.

I chose to distribute it for free for two main reasons: 1) this is my hobby and I don't want to have to deal with setting up a store, and 2) I want everyone to have access to a high-quality, free font for their projects.

I tried purchasing a couple of small fonts, and I really don't like what I ended up with. Despite my best attempts to find a reputable seller, the fonts I received were still not consistently, properly underlaid, and so they didn't stitch out consistently. I got sick of trying to work with them and decided to just make my own.

I don't want you to have to go through that. I also want embroidery design to be available to a broader audience of hobbyists like me. I really hope you enjoy this font, and if you use it in designs that you sell for a bunch of money, great! I only ask that you don't sell this font itself as a unit (this is formalized in the LICENSE file).