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Bug fixes:
  * properly handle black fill (#362)
  * don't create paths with empty "d" attribute when importing DST, PES, etc (#363)
  * properly encode trims in JEF files (#377)
  * significantly improve error messages for crashes in auto-fill
  * informative error message for auto-fill of extremely tiny shapes
  * fix file corruption in "Save As" JEF, DST, etc (all formats) (#387)
    * Ink/Stitch was erroneously adding a carriage return at the end of the file
  * fix print metadata (#372)
  * fix adding presets in Params (#381)
  * fix crash if fill start and end points are very close
  * don't crash on a design with no stitches
  * support manual stitch paths with a single stitch

New feature:
  * option to skip the last stitch in each row of fill stitch
    * usually that stitch is unnecessary and will be very close to the stitch at the start of the next row
    * this can reduce stitch count for "free" in most cases
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