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* bug fixes
  * better unicode support
  * fix simulator scale display on MacOS
  * tons of other fixes

* new features
  * Troubleshoot (HIGHLY REQUESTED)
    * points out exactly what part of a shape is causing Ink/Stitch to complain
      * example: a fill shape with a border that crosses itself
    * suggests how to resolve each kind of error
    * gives helpful tips for shapes that have issues even if they won't cause Ink/Stitch to error out
  * lettering
    * add trims between letters
    * scale text up and down
    * settings presets
    * select a font
      * a couple of new fonts
  * saving as G-code
    * options to support GRBL-based laser cutters
  * opening embroidery files
    * STOP and TRIM commands are recognized and imported
  * support for several MacOS versions (we hope)
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