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v2.0.0 - New fonts, new languages and a lot of bug fixes

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@github-actions github-actions released this 03 May 19:04
· 759 commits to main since this release

Compatibility Notes

  • Ink/Stitch now requires Inkscape 1.0 or higher.
  • Windows: Ink/Stitch will now require at least Windows 7.


We are now able to release Ink/Stitch versions in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Russian.
Therefore we want to thank our great Ink/Stitch community and translators.

New Features

  • More Fonts (thanks to the Ink/Stitch community)
  • Updated lettering gui and improved kerning
  • Font Management
    • Set directory for custom fonts
    • Generate json file for new fonts
    • Cleanup font svg file to reduce size
  • Edit
    • Restack objects in selected order (is back!)
    • Duplicate params
  • Embroidery settings (per document)
    • Collapse length: max. distance between objects without lock stitches
  • Params:
    • add lock stitches select box (#1076) …
  • About: displays Ink/Stitch version, license and link to documentation
  • Ink/Stitch version included in bug report
  • macOS: beside of versions for catalina/big sur, there are now also updated versions for el capitan/sierra and high sierra/mojave
  • Params warns users if the simulator cannot be loaded due to an invalid shape (avoids waiting time) (#1143)
  • Ink/Stitch will be more forgiving for bad objects (fill (#993, #941), satin columns (#1130))

Bug fixes

  • Fix some encoding issues
  • divide zero in satin column (#1151)
  • Update Sulky Rayon Thread palette (#1134)
  • Delete Command Group on Auto-Route and Cut Satin (#1125)
  • Catch Palette IndexError (#1100)
  • Break apart: add evenodd rule to display correct filling (#931)
  • Fix stroke width calculation with transforms (#940)
  • Prevent Auto Route Satin Without Satin Columns (#942)
  • Fix print pdf when svg contains comments (#939)

Under the hood

  • added license info in each file
  • update to python 3
  • update to inkscape 1.0+ (inkex)
  • translations: update translation strings for electron gui as well (#1031)
  • print pdf allows customized stylesheets per language (#1156)
  • Use electron/vuetify to install color palettes