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Nester Deploy

The offers a dotnet core application platform as a service (PaaS).

The Nester Deploy handles deployment, management, and monitoring of apps on PaaS. The application can be used by anyone to easily manage their Microsoft Dotnet Core application on the cloud.

The source code can be customized to suit the needs of the individual or the organization.

Nester Deploy

Nest Taxonomy

The uses a taxonomy based on the nest metaphor to describe how things fit together.

Metaphor Purpose
Forest Represents a data center at a geographic location.
Tree Represents a server at a data center.
Nest Represents a the hive that holds user content.
Twig Represents a script that creates a Nest structure
Pillow Represents a container that holds computing resources.
Homestead Represents an application built with one or more nests.

Server Features

Each server (Tree) is a dedicated server with its own static IP address. The server is automatically backed up each night. The Oak Tree (server group) are Vultr servers based at various data centers (Forests) around the globe.

Deployment Locations

The Oak Tree servers exist in the following Forests. A Homestead can be built in any of these locations.

Country City Forest
japan Sydney Blue Mountain Forest
japan Tokyo Aokigahara Forest
france Paris Bois de Boulogne Forest
netherlands Vondelpark Vondelpark Forest
singapore Singapore Sentosa Forest
germany Frankfurt Stadtwald Forest
uk London Sherwood Forest
usa Dallas Great-Trinity Forest
usa Atlanta Fernbank Forest
usa Silicon-Valley Redwood Forest
usa Chicago Sedwood Forest
usa Los-Angeles Angeles Forest
usa Miami Whitewater Forest
usa New-Jersey Altmar Forest
usa Seattle Hoh Forest
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