Adding a new App

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Two ways of adding an App

A new app can be added to the workspace in two ways.

Add App

Create a New App

Enter basic app info

Enter Basic App Info

The app tag is used to uniquely identify the app. The tag is used as the sub-domain name of the default address. The tag must be all lower case without spaces.

The app will be backup up daily at the hour given here. The platform maintains 2 backups of each app that are rotated.

Select the App Tier and optionally a Database

Select App Tier

Specify the Components

Add Nests

The Handler

The App Handler can be a Dotnet Core Model-View-Controller (MVC) or an Application-Programming-Interface (API) type.

The former is a pattern used for building most web applications. The API handler on the other hand especially caters for development of a REST API.

The Worker

The worker components are used for off-line processing. The worker sits idle until a job is dispatched from the Handler.

                                         -> Worker A
               User Request -> Handler -> Worker B
                                         -> Worker C


The plumbing between the components is provided by the platform. The system installs RabbitMQ server to support the communication via queues. A ready-to-use software framework is provided along with the infrastructure.

Allocate memory and Scaling

The components can be scaled horizontally i.e. adjusting memory, or vertically i.e. adjusting the number of instances that handle the work load.

Invite Team Members

Invite Team Members

Send invites to developers and support staff to work on the project here. The project owner can assign privileges to each member here.

The invitees will receive an email as follows

Invite Team Members

Permissions with invites

Only the owner can change permissions of app contacts. Anyone with app-update permission can invite others. The default invitee permissions will be view-app and view-nest only.

App Assigned

New App Assigned

What is the App "Assigned" Status?

The App services exist at 2 levels.

Forest Level Services Tree Level Services
App Services Database Services
Queue Services
Log Services
Digital Certificate Services

The App Status Cycles through the following status

Init -> A bare App created
Assigned -> A Forest level service assigned
Deployed -> Tree level services assigned

Join an Existing App

Join with an invite

Team Member Join

The option to join an existing App will be presented once a team member downloads Nester Deploy and sign-up with the invitation email.

Here the invitee may join and download the DevKit to begin developing the App. The invitee may leave the team voluntarily at a later time. The App owner could also remove the invitee from permitted users at any given time.

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