Getting Started

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The Nester Develop VSCode extension uses the Devkit to stage the production site locally on the desktop.

The tool downloads the components and sets up a near identical copy of the production app on the desktop for development and debugging.

Command-line Access

The shell environment should have access to docker, vscode, ssh and git command to build the staging site.

Drive Sharing

The docker containers require permission to access system drives in Windows 10 Enterprise and Pro Versions. This is not needed in systems where the Docker Toolbox is used. Open Docker settings and allow access to the file system drive where the Devkit is used.

Select Drives

Select the drives and allow access.

Allow Access

The Git Bash Shell

On Windows versions open a Git Bash shell. Use ConEmu or open a shell as follows

Git Bash

Docker Toolbox Versions

A connection to the Docker may be necessary in systems that run under Docker Toolbox.

Run command found inside the Docker Toolbox folder.

This will start or connect to an already running docker-engine running inside a VirtualBox VM. Docker commands can be run from this shell.

The Visual Studio Code IDE

Type "code" and enter to start Visual Studio Code from the command line.

Git Bash

Ensure the pre-requisite software are installed on the system. The Nester Develop extension is required for development and testing. The extension can be installed from within the IDE.

Install Nester Develop

Open the folder with the emailed Devkit file. Ensure only the Devkit exists in this folder.

Open Devkit Folder

The C# OmniSharp Extension

Disable the C# OmniSharp extension when using Nester Develop. The C# OmniSharp attempts to restore and target build for the host rather than building for the platform.

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