Nest Pull

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Nest Pull

The Nest Pull command downloads content from the production site. All content in the present folder is cleared first. Make sure to make a backup if the folder content should not be deleted.

Nest Build

Begin pull content -->
Working with ubertute-app-handler ....
ubertute-app-handler deployment pull OK.
Re-create project ....
Attaching ubertute-app-handler ....
Ensured a nest project file exist, creating assets ... .
Created vscode assets folder ... .
Emitting c:\Users\rajitha\Documents\ Apps\ubertute\DevKit/source/Handler/.vscode/launch.json.
Emitting c:\Users\rajitha\Documents\ Apps\ubertute\DevKit/source/Handler/.vscode/tasks.json.
Project ssh config created..
Project Handler tracks remote branch handler-master.
<-- pull content ended
'Nest Help' lists avaiable Nest commands

A Sample pull operation.

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