The Git Repository

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The application git repository is built into the application server. It's a dedicated repository that only stores the application source code. All the necessary connection details are in the Devkit.

The projects are stored in a single git archive. the individual projects are split into different git branches. The branch name is formed by combining the Nest tag and the branch name. In other words, <nest_tag>-<git_branch>

For example

  • app1-master
  • shared-master
  • worker1-master
  • worker3-master

Improved Workflow

Most existing PaaS systems push the content to the remote Git repository in order to publish the content. One is forced to publish assets that do not really make sense to store in source control. For example, it makes sense to track the Adobe Photoshop file but not the compressed image it produces.

With the push to production can be performed independently of the Git push. The Nest Push and Nest Pull commands push both tracked and non-tracked content into production. The Git push only pushes tracked content into the repository.

VS Code Integration

The Git repository is conneted to the integrated VS Code Git system. The project diffs, checkouts and pulls all work from within the IDE.

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