Xamarin Helpers

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Xamarin Helpers

The Xamarin Nester Library provides a number of useful functions to develop solutions. Broadly the library can be used in 2 kinds of different situations.

  1. Deploying and managing Apps
  2. Developing solutions around the App deployed

Deploying and managing Apps

This feature can be used for the Integration of internal systems with the Nest PaaS platform. An app development agency, for example, can automatically deploy apps and send out the DevKits to the development team. The API allows to easily transfer ownership of the app to the client when the work is complete. Developers can be added and removed from the team. This enables the client to easily add support staff as and when required.

A Reference Sample

The Nester Deploy is a cross-platform Xamarin App with full sample code provided. The App is currently deployed in MS Store.

An Overview

The App in the common netstandard library must implement the _IKeeper _interface.

public partial class App : Application, IKeeper
     // The user authenticated against the Nest.yt platform
     User User { get; set; }
     // Holds the current authentication, app and payment contexts
     BaseModels BaseModels { get; }

     // The current application
     AppViewModel Target { get; set; }

     // A connection to the nest.yt platform 
     NesterService Service { get; }

     // Reset the view optionally with app
     void ResetView(AppViewModel appModel = null);
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