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Marrel is the CSS as used on This toolkit contains the components we most commonly use in our websites. This prevents us from writing new CSS or copy/pasting in things like <form> styling and buttons. Thus creating a more uniform design across our sites and making it easier for others to use and improve the code.

This is heavily inspired by Github's Primer and @mdo's talk Build your own Bootstrap. As a way to give back (and as a thank you) this code has been released open-source under the MIT license.

The name comes from an abbreviation from Margin Release. A btn often found on typewriters which allows you to write on the margins of a page.

How does it work?

Marrel is built with Sass on top of the grid system from Bootstrap, normalize.css and LINKS.

The end goal is not to create a toolkit that works for every use case but instead provides a solid starting point. Therefore the code does not contain twenty table styles and ten button sizes. Still — when using this we encourage you to write as few new lines of CSS as possible and opt for less is more.

Getting started

Include the following files:

<!-- latest -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
<!-- specific version -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">

Documentation can be found at


You'll need Sass installed. Plop the following line in your terminal to make changes to the SCSS file.

sass --watch _marrel.scss:marrel.min.css --style compressed