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This collection of pages documents the usage of hacked, the graphical editor for modding System Shock (1994) and compatibles.

This application modifies files on your hard-disk. By intention, this should only happen to the resource and data files of the game. To avoid unintended data loss, please make backups.

Ultimately, this editor is meant to support modding the game in any way the (compatible) engine that is used supports. At the basis, this means working on fan-missions (level and message editing), but also extends to changes of resources (different textures) or even object properties (weapon/enemy stats, ...).



  • Help Resources - List of external resources for further information
  • Startup - Starting the application
  • User Interface - Details on the user interface
  • Project - Working with the list of mods and which one to edit



  • Modding Support - Description on how the editor expects resources of mods to be merged in an engine
  • Languages - Details on internationalization in the editor & engine
  • Tile Types - Details on the various tile types that can be modified with the editor
  • Object Classes - Details on the Object Classes that can be placed with the editor
  • Glossary - A list of terms/phrases with their description


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